Floral Vines

Floral Vines

Bageecha Cotton Jacket SetBageecha Cotton Jacket Set Popular

Bageecha Cotton Jacket Set

Rs. 5990.00
Coffee Cotton Dhoti PantsCoffee Cotton Dhoti Pants

Coffee Cotton Dhoti Pants

Rs. 2500.00
Ecru Cotton Floral TopEcru Cotton Floral Top

Ecru Cotton Floral Top

Rs. 2490.00
Ecru Cotton Floral Top & Dhoti Pant (Set of 2)Ecru Cotton Floral Top & Dhoti Pant (Set of 2)

Ecru Cotton Floral Top & Dhoti Pant (Set of 2)

Rs. 4490.00
Ecru Floral Embroidered DressEcru Floral Embroidered Dress Best Sellers

Ecru Floral Embroidered Dress

Rs. 4500.00
Ivory Floral Embroidered Jacket & Dhoti Pant (Set of 2)Ivory Floral Embroidered Jacket & Dhoti Pant (Set of 2)

Ivory Floral Embroidered Jacket & Dhoti Pant (Set of 2)

Rs. 4990.00
Midnight Blue Floral DressMidnight Blue Floral Dress Popular

Midnight Blue Floral Dress

Rs. 2600.00
Moss Green Floral Embroidered Jacket SetMoss Green Floral Embroidered Jacket Set Popular

Moss Green Floral Embroidered Jacket Set

Rs. 5990.00
Moss Green Floral Yoke Kurta & Pant (Set of 2)Moss Green Floral Yoke Kurta & Pant (Set of 2)

Moss Green Floral Yoke Kurta & Pant (Set of 2)

Rs. 4990.00
Orange Cotton Dhoti PantsOrange Cotton Dhoti Pants

Orange Cotton Dhoti Pants

Rs. 2500.00
Pearly Floral JacketPearly Floral Jacket

Pearly Floral Jacket

Rs. 3990.00
Pearly Floral Jacket & Pleated Skirt (Set of 2)Pearly Floral Jacket & Pleated Skirt (Set of 2)

Pearly Floral Jacket & Pleated Skirt (Set of 2)

Rs. 4490.00
Rust Cotton Dhoti PantsRust Cotton Dhoti Pants

Rust Cotton Dhoti Pants

Rs. 2500.00
Rusty Floral Embroidered TopRusty Floral Embroidered Top

Rusty Floral Embroidered Top

Rs. 2490.00
Rusty Floral Embroidered Top & Dhoti Pant (Set of 2)Rusty Floral Embroidered Top & Dhoti Pant (Set of 2)

Rusty Floral Embroidered Top & Dhoti Pant (Set of 2)

Rs. 4490.00

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Floral vines are those that add an aesthetic look to your house or garden. In the same way, this collection is an unexpected surprise when it comes to contemporary clothing and style. The minimalist hand embroidery on every item of clothing in Floral Vines, is an elegant touch to comfortable cotton fabrics. Floral Vines is a melange of craftsmanship with functionally aesthetic khadi separates and dainty floral embroideries. Floral Indian outfits are varied in styles as it doesn’t just stop at kurtas or anarkalis. Our Floral Vines collection is a mix edit of contemporary floral outfits such as floral embroidered tops, dhoti pants, embroidered dresses, embroidered jackets and jacket sets. Embroidered jackets are one of the latest styles in ethnic clothing. The chic collar with the tie-belt addition is a classy piece for any occasion you sport it at. Our embroidered jackets are versatile enough to be styled in any desired way - be it for a formal event or a family gathering for which you can pair it with a pleated skirt. The floral tops in this collection is a class apart with fine-lined embroidery above the bust line. Every outfit in Floral Vines is a piece of art with its contemporary approach of design. 

The versatility of the floral motifs on these floral indian outfits is all thanks to the craftsmanship of our artisans that embroider each motif onto the fabric. Hand embroidery or machine embroidery is where the fabric is embellished with threads and beads to create intricate embroidery designs. Hand embroidery is convenient as you can handcraft any design you want and are not limited to options.  This craft requires attention to detail and a steady and experienced hand to maintain the intricacy. The painstaking effort of the artisans shines through their work and the clothes they craft. 



Choosing the right outfit for work or an event is a difficult task. With different brands mass producing different styles of ethnic clothing, it becomes difficult to pick quality over quantity. If you are at Purple Panchi, you have picked quality. Say goodbye to mass produced prints and say hello to handcrafted clothing that gives you the feel of exclusive designer ethnic wear. Every floral motif on our kurtas or floral dupattas has a story to tell. Be it embroidery or handblock prints, each motif is hand printed onto the fabric which makes it much more authentic and intricate. Every floral Indian outfit you see in this collection is unique in its own way whether it's the style or the embroidery sewn onto the luxurious fabric.  The dhoti pants in Floral Vines can be paired with any top wear - floral tops, floral kurtas, embroidered jackets. Our embroidered jacket sets are a blend of traditional ethnic wear with western influences. The long flowy jackets are stitched onto a beautiful embroidered kurta to create a layered look. Style our jacket sets depending on the occasion and be the person to set trends wherever you go. 



Ecru Floral Embroidered Dress - This ivory cotton dress is your next best pick for summer. The flowy silhouette with elegant green and rust embroidery is highly fashionable and crafted for the ones who are always in the search of something trendy. 

Bageecha Cotton Jacket Set - A contemporary piece with modern designs, this jacket set will surely make you stand out in a crowd. The checked blue fabric with intricate embroidery is a fresh and feminine take on ethnic wear. 



Purple Panchi offers a wide range of floral Indian outfits crafted with cotton and chanderi silks from the bylanes of Benares & Chanderi, that are suitable for every occasion. Be it a floral kurta set for an office party or a designer embroidered jacket for a Diwali party, we have a look for it all. We have the latest handcrafted floral Indian outfits made by artisans of India using aari embroidery, machine embroidery that have been passed down to them by their forefathers. Our floral Indian outfits can be paired with our wide collection of potlis or designer chanderi dupattas that result in an elegant look. So, if you are looking for designer ethnic wear at an attractive price, we have got you covered.